NYPD scrambling to find clean spaces for nursing mothers in wake of $5-million planned lawsuit


The search for clean spots comes as the NYPD on Thursday reissued its policy on how to treat officers who need to pump breast milk. Tthe department must provide a “clean, sanitary, well lit, and private space in close proximity to the employee’s work area,” the police states. Source link

Meghan Markle pregnant: Prince Harry, Duchess of Sussex expecting their first child


The royal couple were driven from the airport to Admiralty House, the official Sydney residence of Governor General Peter Cosgrove, who represents Australia’s head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, Harry’s grandmother. The couple had no official functions on Monday following the 10,650-mile flight that Qantas says takes 22 hours and 20 minutes. Source link

EXCLUSIVE: Bill would require air quality monitoring around the city's DEP wastewater plants


“I want to hold DEP accountable — especially (to) communities that are taking this waste, such as mine, and…filtrating this waste,” he said. “These communities are making sacrifices, we’re doing more than our fair share and if we’re doing more than our fair share, we’re going to hold DEP accountable.” Source link

Gender gap will play a big factor in upcoming midterms, experts say


The contentious nomination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh deepened the gap between male and female voters — and experts say the divide should continue through next month’s midterm elections. A CNN poll released last week shows a 20-point difference between President Trump’s job approval… Source link

Group that ripped Cuomo on corruption hired ex-official once jailed for ripping off taxpayers


Quintin Cross, the Hudson Valley lead organizer for Citizen Action, spent time behind bars after was charged while the majority leader of the Hudson City Council of using city credit cards to run up $20,000 in personal bills to pay for bar tabs, airline tickets and an online dating service subscription. Source link

LOVETT: State GOP filing complaint accusing 3 union Super PACs of illegal coordination to help Democrats in state Senate races


According to the complaint, Fighting for Our Future, New Yorkers Together, and Empire State 32BJ SEIU PAC — the independent expenditure committees created by New York State United Teachers, CWA and 32 BJ, respectively — publicly committed to working together as a “unity labor coalition” in five specific Senate districts on Long Island and upstate […]

Aaron Hernandez was sexually abused as a child and hid a sexual relationship with his high school quarterback, Boston Globe investigation reveals


A deep dive by The Boston Globe into the troubled past of Aaron Hernandez revealed a high school football player grappling with his sexuality and hiding it from an abusive father, who routinely beat both his sons when they underperformed in school or on the football field. The Globe’s six-part… Source link